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Welcome to Irongut's Delphi Pages

Happy New Year and Happy New Code!
Check out the Software section for some new goodies to help with your Delphi programming. I'm in the process of updating a lot of my code for Unicode and Windows 7 compatibility so this should be the first of a lot of new releases during 2010.

Welcome to Irongut's Delphi Pages, a site dedicated to programming with Borland Delphi and Kylix. On this site you will find programming articles, open source code and VCL components to use in your own applications and more. We also host free Windows applications by Conspiracy Software.

Read the News page to find out What's New on this site. We've also got Borland News and Delphi News updated every day and headlines from About Delphi that update automatically using RSS and JavaScript.

Some of our articles are available to download in eBook format. You can download free eBook readers for PalmOS, PocketPC, MacOS, Symbian and Windows from eReader.com.

We used to publish the Pascal Newsletter with Latium Software. The Pascal Newsletter was a free email publication for Delphi and Kylix developers that contained technical articles, reviews, links and news and had 18,000 subscribers. You can read and download back issues from this site.

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