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Please don't send us compiled items or material for which you are not the copyright holder.

If you've found something interesting on the web, please just send us a link.

If you have questions about programming, please ask them in our forums.

To contact us, please fill in the following web form or send us an email. If you like to keep your communication confidential we recommend PGP encryption, you can find our public key details at the bottom of this page.

We are looking for writers interested in publishing their articles about Delphi programming. If you are interested, please read our Terms for Contributions. Contributors to the Pascal Newsletter are eligible for a prize, see the current issue for details.

Take this opportunity to stand out from your colleagues and add a published article to your cv.

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We welcome PGP signed and / or encrypted messages. Our public key can be downloaded from most keyservers or from this site. We use this key to sign all downloadable source code and executables to ensure their integrity.

Key ID: 0x1C123F38 KeyDownload Key
Name: Conspiracy Software Email: <conspiracysoftware@paranoia.clara.co.uk>
Type: DH/DSS Size: 4096/1024
Created: 30/11/2002
Cipher: CAST
Fingerprint: DE64 2BCA F72D 9D52 D3F0 46F4 DFAA BF14 1C12 3F38

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