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Latium Software
Site for software developers and Delphi programmers with newsletters, articles, tips, tricks, forums, links, etc. Home of the Pascal Newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers.
Mozilla-Delphi Project
The Mozilla-Delphi project provides resources for working with Mozilla technologies in the Borland Delphi and Kylix programming environments.

Components, Libraries and Utilities

Delphi + Flash
With Delphi SWF SDK you will be able to develop applications for eLearning business or any presentations, make your own Flash movies, banners or demo without additional diving into Flash details.
Delphi Prefix Registry
Ensure that your component names do not clash with anyone else's by choosing and registering a unique prefix with the Delphi Prefix Registry.
Delphi BUGS? Catch & log every bug showing unit, class, method and line number. Now with support for command-line compiler and IntraWeb applications.
FreeCLX Community Project
FreeCLX is the Open Source project for Borland's CLX Component Library for Linux. A Kylix compiler is required to build FreeCLX.
A freeware source version control and project management system. FreeVCS can be used in local, LAN, WAN, Internet or mixed environments. You can choose a Delphi IDE expert or a language independent standalone client. Supported backend databases include DBISAM, Informix, Interbase, Mirosoft SQL Server and Oracle.
GExperts is a set of Open Source tools that increase the productivity of Delphi and C++Builder programmers by adding features to the IDE. Includes: editor experts that can find matching delimiters, insert unit headers, etc; IDE enhancements that add a Windows menu and show some menu items hidden in Delphi 4 and 5; Pallete enhancements that add multi-line tabs or add tabs to the context menu; and more.
HermesCVS is a Delphi addin that interfaces with TortoiseCVS (and hence with CVS) to allow you to commit, add, diff and update files from the Delphi IDE. See below for TortoiseCVS.
Internet Direct (Indy) is an open source internet component suite comprised of popular internet protocols written in Delphi and based on blocking sockets. Indy is included in Delphi 6+, Kylix 1+, and C++ Builder 6+. Both client and server implementations are included as well as full source code and comprehensive demos.
Inno Setup
A free installer for Windows programs that rivals commercial installers in feature set and stability. Includes: supports all 32-bit Windows versions; create a single EXE or disk spanning; standard wizard interfaces; Zip, BZip2 or 7Zip compression; create shortcuts, registry and .INI entries; silent install and un-install.
Mozilla ActiveX Control
Embed the Mozilla browser engine (Gecko) into any ActiveX application. This control implements the same APIs as the Internet Explorer control making porting of existing applications reasonably straightforward.
PGP Components for Delphi
Provides a direct interface from Delphi 2 - 7 to PGP 6.5.x, 7.x or 8.x. Capabilities include: encode and decode (encrypt / decrypt / sign / verify); create and verify file detached signatures; import, export, revoke and delete keys; key management functions; key generation (DH/DSS or RSA); keyserver functions.
Project JEDI
The Joint Endeavor of Delphi Innovators. Project JEDI is an international community of Delphi / Kylix developers with a mission to make Delphi and Kylix even greater. Project JEDI's major goals are: translate C / C++ headers into Delphi / Kylix interface units; provide a gateway for sharing Object Pascal code, components, etc in the public domain; provide educational materials and links for users of Delphi and Kylix.
Home of SMImport and SMExport, component suites for import / export of data from many popular formats into any TDataSet descendant. Also includes SMInternet, SMLogging, SMReport Designer suites, freeware SMComponents suite, Delphi tips and articles on design patterns, security, databases and more.
Torry's Delphi Pages
The best source of freeware, shareware and commercial Delphi components, utilities, applications, etc on the internet. With a huge catalog and a good search engine. Torry's was not being updated for a very long time but now it's back!
TortoiseCVS lets you work with files under CVS version control directly from Windows Explorer. With TortoiseCVS you can directly check out modules, update, commit and see differences by right clicking on files and folders within Explorer. You can see the state of a file with overlays on top of the normal icons within Explorer. It even works from within the file open dialog. TortoiseCVS is freely available under the GPL.
TurboControl: TurboPower Support
Newsgroups and support info for TurboPower open source libraries.
XML Works
A collection of open source utilities designed to help Delphi developers create XML documents. XMLWorks is not designed to be an all encompassing package for XML, but it does offer many features that should help Delphi developers working with XML.

Articles, Tips and Tricks

About Delphi
Covers all aspects of Delphi / Kylix development, including tutorials and articles, chat, forum, RTL reference, glossary, free code VCL and much more. New features every day range from tips and tutorials for Delphi beginners to more advanced articles including code for faster, better, more robust development.
Borland Blog Central
Blogs by Borland staff.
Borland Developer Network
Community site for all Borland products, with articles, news, updates, interviews, etc.
Delphi community for knowledge exchange with 109,000+ members and 2,900+ quality articles. You have to pay to get access to all the articles but it IS worth it.
Delphi Central
Articles and tutorials on Delphi programming.
Delphi Dabbler
Delphi Pascal source code library, components, programming articles, tutorials and free programs.
Developer's Super Page
Find articles and tips in Delphi, to help you develop your applications; build your resume, post and find jobs, chat online advance newsgroup search.
How To Do Things - Delphi
A collection of over 350 Delphi articles covering topics from the Windows API to Internet programmnig and SOAP. Also has articles on other subjects including Education, Health, Pets and more. And, the site is written in Delphi 2005 with ECO!
IBM DB2 and Borland Zone
IBM and Borland have created a portal to support the cooperation between IBM's DB2 and Borland's RAD development tools Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix.
Marco Cantu
Author of the excellent Mastering Delphi series of books, Marco's site provides free beginners books on Pascal and Delphi, some freeware tools and news of his conference appearances.
Swiss Delphi Center
Swiss site in English and German with Delphi articles, news and tips.
The Delphi Magazine
Online home of the UK magazine, this site has free taster articles and source code from all the back issues.
The Oracle at Delphi
Blog of Allen Bauer, Borland Delphi and C#Builder Principal Architect.


Adventures in Kylix
A blog style tutorial for Kylix by James R. Knowles.
BDE Support Page
Provides a single repository for BDE support information, tools, and links to other BDE-related content on the web.
Delphi For Fun
Delphi tutorials with full source based around solving interesting puzzles or problems. Includes simple animated physics programs, Towers of Hanoi, a Maze generator, etc.
Introduction To SQL
Interactive SQL tutorial with lessons, assessments and quick references. Includes implementation specific details for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Access.
Find Tutorials
FindTutorials.com has hundreds of free tutorials and online training courses. An IT job database is also available along with additional resources.
Gekko Software
Tutorial on building automation server objects using Delphi. Assumes you have a basic knowledge of Delphi and object orientation. The more experienced developer will find useful hints and background information.
Pascal Game Development
PGD - the Home of Pascal Game Development with News, Articles, Library and Forums.
Zen Source Library
Tutorial subjects include TTreeView, COM, OLE structured storage, OLE drag + drop, scripting and more.

General Programming Sites

A complete table of ASCII characters.
Association of Shareware Professionals
Since 1987, the ASP has been dedicated to the advancement of shareware as an alternative to conventional retail software. Today the ASP is a vibrant organization with hundreds of members around the world working together to improve their businesses and making it easier for computer users to find quality software at reasonable prices.
Created by developers, for developers, Builder.com brings software developers fresh, real-world perspective on topics from programming to architecture to management. Builder.com aims to improve the way developers work with the information, tools and services to help them conquer the challenges of real-world development.
DotNet Coders
Dedicated to assisting developers in learning and applying .NET tools and techniques for their projects through samples, articles, and case studies full of reusable code.
Koders is a search engine for open source code in almost any language you can think of (including Delphi). Koders searches over 198,319,800 lines of code and can be added to your website or integrated into the Mozilla and Firefox browsers as a search plugin.
Provides free project hosting for the Mozilla community. Everyone is welcome to take a look at the 100+ active open source projects hosted on the site or to start their own.
Rent A Coder is a marketplace where people who need custom software can find developers. Buyers can pick from a pool of 77,000+ developers, enabling them to hire from across the country or across the globe. Developers are given access to a huge pool of potential work and have the ability to work independently from home.
SourceForge.net is the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet. SourceForge.net provides free services to Open Source developers.
The Agentry
The Agentry is the definitive collection of Microsoft Agents and Agent materials. Your one-stop-shop for all things Microsoft Agents.
The Pragmatic Programmers
Software development is difficult; you need a firm foundation and the Pragmatic Programmers are here to help. Authors of the best-selling book "The Pragmatic Programmer" and co-authors of the Agile Manifesto, their site contains talks, articles and other resources to help you continue to develop both yourself and your code.
The Quick Reference Site
The ultimate resource for free IT quick reference cards and e-books.


Haggis Hunt
The haggis hunting season is over and it is unlawful to disturb the haggis until noon on St Andrew's Day, 30th November. Come back next Season for the chance to spot more haggis and win pizes. Includes haggis games, recipes and a haggisclopedia.
Laurent Garnier
Bangin' tunes from the French master of funky house.
News, cheats, demos, tutorials and more for the PC gamer.
Album and gig news, bios and all things 'tallica.
Keep up with the thrills and spills of the Motorcycle Grand Prix championship. Last year Valentino Rossi won in his first year with Yamaha, will he manage it again this year despite an onslaught of seven Hondas?
MotoGP Manager
You've seen Fantasy Football, now try your hand at running a MotoGP team. Buy two riders, a bike and a team and try to win the championship.
Private Eye
Private Eye is a satirical current affairs magazine in the UK. Updated every two weeks, the website features a selection of pages from the current issue.
SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

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