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Mozilla-Delphi Project



The Mozilla-Delphi Project, hosted on mozdev.org, provides resources for working with Mozilla technologies in the Borland Delphi and Kylix programming environments. Current resources include tutorials on using the Mozilla ActiveX Control and JavaScript Bridge classes that enable you to use Mozilla's JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey) to provide scripting in your applications. We have recently begun work on a framework for creating NPAPI plugins with Delphi, Kylix and FreePascal that can be used in the Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Safari browsers. We're open to suggestions and looking for contributions from anyone who thinks they can help.

What's New
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Sidebar in Action

Mozilla-Delphi Sidebar

The new Mozilla-Delphi Sidebar will keep you up to date with the latest news for the project: new source code releases, new and updated turorials, etc. It can be installed in Mozilla or Netscape 6+ by clicking the button below. Hosted on delphi.mozdev.org, the sidebar is composed of html, xml, css and JavaScript and does not contain any harmful code. It requires you to allow cookies from delphi.mozdev.org so that the options will work.

This sidebar should work in Opera (as a Hotlist Panel) but it requires a DOM 2 Core function not supported by Opera. Please request they implement createDocument() in their Wishlist Forum.

Mozilla-Delphi Sidebar

Join In!

We are looking for contributors, if you would like to help please send a message to the mailing list. We are particularly looking for developers interested in helping create an NPAPI Plugin Framework or with ideas for new sub-projects.

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