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You can download all the back issues of the Pascal Newsletter (up to Issue 49) in text format with the source code examples:

Back Issues Year 2000

Back Issues Year 2001
1st semester

Back Issues Year 2001
2nd semester

Back Issues Year 2002
1st semester

Back Issues Year 2002
2nd semester

Back Issues Year 2003

Issue 50 and Beyond...

From Issue 50, you can read them one by one here on Irongut's Delphi Pages:

Pascal Newsletter #50 - 25-JULY-2004
Getting a Drive's Type
Inno Setup Review
How to Run a Single Instance of an Application (Part 1)
Pascal Newsletter #51 - 12-OCTOBER-2004
How to Run a Single Instance of an Application (Part 2)
Inside Delphi's Classes and Interfaces (Part 2)
Pascal Newsletter #52 - 21-DECEMBER-2004
How to Add a Program to the Explorer Send To Menu
Introductory Principles of Indexed Searching
Extracting Records in a Field into a TStringList
Returning Classes from a DLL
Simplified Collision Detection in Game Programming
Pascal Newsletter #53 - 23-JANUARY-2005
Code Profiling with Non-Breaking Breakpoints
Introducing YAPI
How to Set a Component's Default Event Handler
Pascal Newsletter #54 - 23-APRIL-2005
Using a .NET Assembly via COM
Managing Your IP Configuration
Pascal Newsletter #55 - 30-JUNE-2005
How to Extract Version Information Using the Windows API
Convert BMP to *Any Format* (.NET)
Tidy Up Your Temporary Files
Universal Embedding of Files in Delphi Units


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